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Acoustic guitar lessons from Tony Rath in Walthamstow, East London

Absolute beginners guitar course

A self contained course designed to get you playing whatever your tastes in music. Topics covered include:

  • Tuning the guitar either manually or using a tuner
  • Naming the open strings
  • Basic chords, including major, minor, 7ths and beyond
  • Right hand techniques such as picking and finger style
  • Scales and melodic playing
  • Learning to read tab and chord symbols and boxes
  • Song playing and basic accompaniment patterns
  • Basic riff patterns
  • Learn songs of your choice
  • Introduction to the fretboard

Prices from £28 per hour or £16 for 30 minutes

RGT Acoustic Guitar Courses

I now offer RGT Acoustic Guitar courses as validated by the London College of Music - Thames University.

This is a progressive structured course which has ten levels, two preliminary levels and then grades 1 to 8. Examinations are available if pupils are interested.

Course includes:

  • Finger and pick techniques
  • Arpeggio and pinch styles
  • Carter, thumb picking, acoustic blues styles including clawhammer and other US styles
  • Flat picking
  • Pick playing - chord and rhythm styles

Prices from £28 per session - packages available

Please note that all lessons can be tailored to your individual needs. Please call 0208 521 4340 or email: Tony Rath for details.

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