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Jazz guitar lessons in London from Tony Rath

Courses are geared towards the pick and fingerstyle guitarist who wants to play a range of jazz styles.

Blues into jazz – a conversion course for the blues player who wants to go beyond pentatonics and minor blues scales and explore jazz scales soloing and harmony. 

Covers harmony, improvisation and theory.

Plectrum jazz for the acoustic pick player the course is designed to develop a toolbox of skills in jazz based scales harmony, arpeggio forms for swing and bebop guitar players.

Fingerstyle Jazz covers both nylon and steel acoustic stringed guitars including acoustic blues chord melody soloing single note playing scales arpeggios and harmony.

Covers all periods up to bebop and swing and Latin jazz.

Jazz for the complete beginner this is a gentle introduction for the new or beginning player who wants to develop their knowledge of chords and improvising.

Jazz Harmony chords chord scales root movement analysis of chord sequences in jazz songs and standards.

All courses 32 per 60 minutes or £16 for 30 minutes.

After a trial lesson the pupil is expected to commit to a block of two lessons at a time Cost 55 for two one hour lessons.

For more information and a detailed discussion of your needs call 0208 521 4340 or email: Tony Rath today!

Although we're based in London we can cover most of the Northern Home counties and Essex. Why not contact us and find out how we can help you?

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