Blues and jazz piano Iessons

Jazz and blues piano lessons from Tony Rath in Walthamstow, East London


Absolute beginners – anyone who has the desire to play piano and electronic keyboards, especially adults who have always wanted to learn but never got round to it, DO IT NOW !

Returnees – you used to play, but gave it up and want to get back into it. I can help you.

Performers on other instruments, such as guitarists who want some keyboard knowledge, skill to enhance their playing.

Classical pianists who want to play some jazz.

Keyboard players who want develop their technique.

Anyone who wants to play blues, jazz rock, pop soul, you name it I can teach it.

Barrelhouse – Boogie – Stride – Blues – Jazz – Swing Styles

Do you want to play in the style of Jools Holland, Dr John or Oscar Peterson?

Lesson duration one hour

BEGINNERS BLUES – focus on blues scales, harmony improvisation and simple sight reading.

Price £28 per hour

INTERMEDIATE BLUES – covers a range of scales including minor and major pentatonic, blues scales and variations, improvisation, harmonic structures and progressions and sight reading. Emphasis is placed on developing the specialised techniques for both hands including separation of hands and playing on and off the beat.

Price £28 per hour

BARRELHOUSE – BOOGIE – STRIDE PIANO – these courses are for the specialist who has some technical skill.

Courses cover jazz/blues scales, playing in thirds, sixths, octaves, tremolos, crushed notes, chord inversions, voice leading etc.

Left hand techniques cover:

  • Playing in tenths and octaves
  • Common boogie – barrelhouse figures
  • Stride – swing techniques – left hand chord structures
  • Walking bass

Price £28 per hour


Course elements include:

  • Jazz scales and modes
  • Harmonic structures
  • Chord voicing and leading
  • Improvisation over chords
  • Sight reading and theory
  • Memorising tunes

Using my teaching methods I can:

  • Teach you to play and improvise the blues
  • Teach you to play and improvise some niiiice jazz piano
  • Understand chord charts
  • Be more creative in your playing

Price £30 per hour

CLINICS – A one off session of 90 minutes can be arranged for any of the above to develop your techniques Cost £45


Your choices will depend on your budget, space available and the kind of music you wish to play and your musical aspirations.

ACOUSTIC PIANO – Good new instruments cost from £1500 for a small upright.

Pro: There is nothing to match the feel and sound of a good acoustic piano. The musical rewards are immense and lifelong. Good pianos in good condition retain a high proportion of their purchase price.

Con: Acoustic pianos need tuning at least 4 times a year to maintain concert pitch, depending on usage. There will additional maintenance costs as the piano ages.

Second-hand instruments can be a minefield and an expensive disaster. DO NOT buy a second-hand instrument without getting it checked out by an expert piano technician. It will be worth the fee involved to save you grief. Pianos offered for private sale at low cost are usually suspect and are to be treated with extreme caution.

DIGITAL PIANOS – Choices range from a stage piano which is a stripped down box with keyboard and stand to a concert grand in expensive woods to enhance the appearance of your home. Prices start from £600 for a basic instrument.

Pro: Do not need tuning – Using headphones to practice means nobody else hears your mistakes. MIDI connections open up the world of digital and computer music.

Please note that all lessons can be tailored to your individual needs.

For more information and a detailed discussion of your needs call 0208 521 4340 or email: Tony Rath today!

Why not contact us and find out how we can help you.

Pupil Focus

Ryan Pather has been a pupil for over two years and has progressed so much that he has gone into the studio and recorded some tracks.

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