Classical, nylon jazz and blues guitar

Classical, nylon jazz and blues guitar lessons from Tony Rath in Walthamstow, East London

Beginners Course: designed for the adult who wants to play classical guitar either from scratch or by converting from other guitar style such as electric or acoustic.

Emphasis is placed on technical development – agility exercises to develop finger independence, increased mobility and strength with particular focus on the right hand. The course also recognises that adults may have residual stiffness and/or illness and offers remedial solutions.

Musicianship – sight reading and fretboard knowledge are covered in intensive detail to avoid the situation of pupils who can play better than they can read.

Musical knowledge – a detailed knowledge of scales, arpeggios, chords and their musical equivalents are offered as part of the course.

Examinations – progressive study courses directed towards the examinations for the London College of Music – Trinity Guildhall and ABS courses are offered’

Duration 6 months minimum to allow for full development.

Cost £24 per hour

Classical Guitar returnees course; this course is designed for the student who has played previously and wishes to rediscover the classical guitar

Course elements include:

Technique – development of strength and agility in both hands based on an individual assessment of playing ability.

Repertoire – selection of suitable pieces of sufficient level to provide challenging yet achievable pieces for the student to derive satisfaction and enjoyment from playing.

Musicianship and musical knowledge. A systematic study of chords, arpeggios, scales, tremelo, fretboard knowledge and sight reading to revive and develop skills.

Duration 3 – 9 months depending on individual needs – course levels up to Grade 8.


Designed for guitarists who want to play “chord melody” jazz styles or fingerstyle blues and who have some ability to play.

Course elements include – blues and jazz scales/modes – blues and jazz chords and arpeggios – solo pieces in music notation and tabulation.

Improvisation – using standard blues/jazz scales chord sequences and scales to develop students own interpretation of solo pieces.

Duration 6 months – cost £24 per hour


Following on from the absolute beginners courses advanced tuition is offered in the following –

  • Folk finger-picking/arpeggio styles
  • Carter picking (bass and strum)
  • Travis and country picking (thumb-picking)
  • Acoustic finger style blues
  • Acoustic finger style jazz/swing guitar


Advanced tuition is offered in:

  • Blues styles
  • Jazz plectrum guitar
  • Country picking
  • Folk plectrum style

Duration 3 – 4 month courses – cost £24 per hour


Home visits can be arranged in central and north London for pupils with easy access to the London Underground network. Visits are during the day, and a preliminary non-chargeable meeting will be setup to discuss an individuals needs. Thereafter payment will be four weeks in advance.

All courses include background and teaching materials and encourage the student to learn to read music and develop their musicianship 60 minute lessons.

Please note that all lessons can be tailored to your individual needs.

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Pupil Focus

Ryan Pather has been a pupil for over two years and has progressed so much that he has gone into the studio and recorded some tracks.

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